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    Panintings on The Journey


    2016 Chongqing Publishing House


    In this book, I share my experiences to guide everyone on how to overcome the panic of painting in public, how to plan it within the itinerary, and how to maintain a creative mindset even after the journey concludes.


    This book also provides a self-learning path for art enthusiasts and students, addressing common issues encountered during learning. It has received thousands of reader reviews on Dangdang.com(A famous online shopping website in China), with a 99.7% positive rating. On Douban Reading, it has a score of 8.7 out of 10.

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    Our summer · Belgium

    我们的夏天 · 比利时

    2013 Zhigong Press


    This book tells the story of four close friends traveling together in Belgium. It was co-created by four authors: Besom, Guajila, Yaya, and myself. In 2012, we were invited and partially sponsored by the Tourism Office of Flanders, Belgium. The story was serialised for a year in the magazine "Painting Heart" before being published. It quickly became popular among young readers, receiving a high rating of 8.9 on "Douban Reading." Many of the artworks in the book were created during our journey, sparking a shared desire among readers to visit Belgium and explore their passion for art.

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    The Story of the Chinese Zodiac


    2010 Knowledge Press


    "The Chinese zodiac" is a story that almost all Chinese children have heard of, and many illustrators have drawn the same theme. This book marks the author's first attempt at creating a children's picture book. Various materials such as watercolor and colored pencils were used, and references were made to a lot of ancient architecture, bridges, and clothing materials. The aim was to present this familiar old story in a fresh, lively manner.